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Marketing strategies to double the leads of your moving company

This is the million-dollar question that all moving companies need to answer! No matter how new the company is, it is important to increase revenue and be more well-known in the market. We are surrounded by top account managers and marketing experts and have compiled a list that you should focus on in order to generate removal leads quickly and consistently. These tips are essential!
Marketing strategies that double your leads for your moving company

Online and offline marketing are both important to establish your company as the best. How can a removal company focus on one or the other if they have limited resources? We have some quick and simple ideas that you can use to increase your visibility.

Online strategies to help your removal company

Online strategies are easy to implement with a small budget. It is important to concentrate on the most important and try different approaches. Here are the main ones.

1. Google Ads

Start with a paid method that has proven its effectiveness in increasing leads. We recommend that you invest in Google Ads campaigns if you have the budget. This will help your company’s link get more visibility on search pages for the keywords that you have chosen. This option has one main limitation: you must have a website in order to track and test your efforts.

2. CRM tools

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is basically any tool that helps you to maintain and improve your commercial relationships. Hubspot, Monday, and BenchmarkONE are great tools to keep customers happy, and retain their interest over time.

3. Google My Business

Email marketing automation is a key characteristic that we recommend you invest in. This will allow you to create various types of emails and then send them to your targeted audience. These tools are usually expensive depending on what you need.

Google is a great way to improve your local SEO presence. Google My Business allows you to create an account free of charge. This will allow you to add your business to Google Maps and also give you all the information you need about your business. You can also add images and offers to this very simple tool.

4. Directory

It is a great way to increase visibility and get more customers. Once you sign up, you can add images, links, and reviews to our website. When clients request quotes in your area or within your field of expertise, we will recommend your company. So what are you waiting?

5. Social media

We understand that moving companies may not be the most active on social media. But, wouldn’t it be great to have another platform where customers can send you messages and read reviews? This type of marketing is best done via social media like Facebook and Twitter. You can even add additional information about your business, including images, opening hours, and contact information.

This method has one major advantage: it is free. These platforms are completely free to create an account and require little effort. You can use Facebook Ads to grow your business and get more leads.
Strategies that can be used offline to increase your business visibility

Every off-line strategy requires a comprehensive action plan. Your customers must learn about your company and why it is the best in the market. Networking is a great way to get started. Learn about your competitors and their strengths.

There is a common misconception that all moving companies have to fight for the top spot. Instead of fighting each other for the number one spot, why not work together and offer swap services? If your company provides men with vans and your competitor offers storage services, why not combine them? This will satisfy the customer and bring in revenue for both companies.

Branding is another important aspect of off-line strategy. You can create publicity for your business by branding your trucks or posting offers in your local newspaper. These are known as the old-school methods and have been proven to be effective.