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How To Create Privacy in the Office

Workplaces have hustle and bustle, the background noise of chatter and conversation that can cause an ear ache.  Even within a partitioned office space the noise can be reduced but private, meeting areas still might not be accessible.

Private areas come in all shapes and sizes and can be useful to hold meetings, HR discussions, general catch ups and as additional working space away from the office. It might be that a smaller office can’t manage a large meeting room or huge acoustic partitions, but this is where we hope we’ve got an option for all spaces, no matter the size.

Acoustic Office Pods

The most popular and functional option is the Acoustic Office Pod, which in effect is another room based inside the office. Creating a new room, with 4 walls and a door is a lot easier than you might first imagine.

A basic office divider can be transformed into a Pod and this is how it’s done.

The linking facility on the side of an office screen allows you to connect a run of partitions together, resulting in a customised configuration.

The acoustic feature originates from the acoustic foam positioned on both sides of the screen to dampen noise and keep conversations inside the pod.

Privacy Screens

When noise isn’t so much of an issue, but the area needs restricted view, a part frosted privacy screen is the way to go.

Frosted acrylic screens aren’t completely opaque but do a great job to limit what can be seen and in most cases, you’ll only see shadows.

Desktop Partitions

Privacy in the office doesn’t just come from meeting rooms. Privacy can be requested at desk height too and creates the perfect little work haven.

Desktop dividers are available in acoustic, acrylic and pinnable options. Shielding your workspace from the rest of the office with a stylish, functional, and correctly sized dividing system could result in great things!

Telephone Pods

As previously mentioned, Acoustic office pods can be harder to place into smaller spaces. Harder but not impossible!

However, if space is tighter but you like a small zone with acoustic properties, a Telephone ticks all the boxes. Curved screens are used to create a small booth which comfortable fits a seat. When an important call comes through, you can distance yourself from the main office.

The smooth curve of the screen takes away any harsh edges of the standard rectangle shape too!