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How does a TV advert improve sales?

Television advertising builds trust
Trust is one of the key advantages of TV advertising. As TV advertising is a medium that confers status to the people running it, brands often use the phrase “as seen in TV”. Asking the question, “In which of these places, if any” TV advertising was 42%. Newspapers were next at 13%, and YouTube at 6%.

What can TV advertising production do to increase sales?

The lines between online and TV advertising are blurring as we consume content on all of our screens. In terms of brand recall, awareness, returns on investment and brand recall, TV is still the most effective medium.

TV has the best efficiency in achieving key performance indicators (or KPIs), like new accounts and sales. Comparing performance at similar spending levels, TV ads still achieves an average of four times the sales lift as digital.
Marketshare Research

Advertisements run in full-screen

Another benefit of TV advertising is the ability to run TV ads in full screen. Your advert doesn’t take up too much space on a busy webpage. The advert is not buried in an App.

Another important factor is blocking adverts. Many users regularly install adblockers in their web browsers to block adverts. Around 86% of TV viewers opted to watch live TV in 2018 rather than record shows to view later. Although advert skipping is possible, the majority of TV viewers still watch TV ads.
When building larger audiences, TV advertising works

Advertising on TV might seem old-fashioned to you. But you would be wrong. Television’s unparalleled ability to reach large audiences is unmatched. It outperforms all online advertising every single time. Online brands are realizing that TV is still a crucial part of their marketing budget and the best way to increase their market share.

How to track TV advertising

Software such as TV Squared allows you to track the results of DRTV campaign campaigns in real-time. Software such as TV Squared uses your media plan in order to link website clicks and software downloads to an advert on TV. It’s possible to see the benefits TV advertising brings to your sales funnel by performing a test of website traffic before the advert plays. The ability to track TV advertising has made budgeting media spending much more scientific.
Are television ads limited by cost?

Regional advertising is a great way to reap the benefits of TV advertising without having to spend a lot of money on TV media. You can also use SKY’s Adsmart platform. Adsmart allows brands the ability to advertise in television slots within specific postcode areas, or to play ads to specific audiences as defined by the advertiser.

The cost of making a TV commercial depends on how sophisticated the advertisement is. Surprisingly, you can make a great advertisement and get on TV for a low price. The best agencies will negotiate great deals with broadcasters.
The second screen Advantage

Another benefit of TV advertising is the way people watch TV. Mobile devices are often used to watch TV. A second screen allows viewers to instantly respond to any advertisement.

Prior to the second screen, viewers had to remember a brand or call-to-action message and then act on it. The second screen is a huge advantage to TV advertising, making DRTV campaigns instantly successful.
Television Advertising: The Advantages

Advertising can be divided into two categories: branding (a strategy to influence people’s opinions about your company) or direct selling (attempting to convince people to buy a product). Your bottom line will benefit from a well-designed TV advertisement that engages and is shown on the right channels, at the right times.

It is a good idea to find an agency that specializes in placing and creating TV ads. They can help you create a great advert from your brief and even assist you in writing it. Based on customer viewing habits and profiling, they will ensure that your advert is seen by the right audience.

What can business owners do to prepare?

Television advertising campaigns often hit like a wave. One of the biggest advantages of TV advertising is reach. Businesses need to prepare for this. After your first TV advert is run, it’s important to prepare your call centers and website e-commerce platforms. A TV advertisement can generate so much interest that it can overwhelm your website, causing you to waste precious money.
Social Buzz

Social media is another thing to be aware of. People will soon start searching online for the adverts. To capture viewers who have heard of your TV commercial, but haven’t seen it yet, it would be a good idea to put the advertisement on your website.

One of the benefits of TV advertising is free site visits via social buzz. VAB Research: “A recent study found that TV ads resulting in increased unique visits to a brand’s website saw a 22% increase.”
What can I do to gain the TV advertising advantage?

It is wise to select an agency that has experience in placing new brands on television. They will be there to guide you through the entire process. They will ensure you receive all the benefits of advertising and the best value for your money. Your adverts will be optimized by them to drive more value. Advertisements can be targeted by seasonality, region, or times of day.

Toast is a specialist TV advertising agency that will help you create the perfect TV ad for your target audience and get it noticed by the right people. They can give you a competitive edge and drive sales.

One thing is certain: TV is still the best platform for your brand’s success. It can also make a huge difference in your bottom line if you have strong online marketing.