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Best Reasons to Use Website Translation

The global market can be an opportunity for companies that want to grow. To be successful business, they must reach out to their customers and there is no better alternative than the internet to communicate with them. However, the language barrier and barriers to communication can be an enormous threat to any business expansion. A report issued in 2014 by the UN’s International Telecommunication Union shows that the internet is a global marketplace that has more than 3 million users. Only 28% of them are English people.

This is the reason it is vital for businesses to support multilingual communication by web-based localization. Here are some more benefits of website translation:

1. English is not the most preferred language

85% of the internet users are fluent in languages such as Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, German, English, French or Malay. A study by Common Sense Advisory in 2014 shows that 72% of users prefer websites that are in their own languages.

2. More Revenue

The localization of websites helps increase revenues. In the Common Sense Advisory in 2014, 72% of the Internet users will be more inclined to buy products if the information is in their language of origin. A multilingual website can ensure your business has a wider visibility.

3. Improve confidence of your customers in your products

A website written in the user’s native language increases his or her confidence of your offerings. This is because they will feel more comfortable with the information. This creates a direct connection between you and your customer.

4. Improve the search result ranking

Website translating services can create an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) web page that is user-friendly and has a particular keyword strategy. This brings visitors to your site. The translation of your content and keywords will multiply your chances of getting a better search result rank and will give you more exposure. You can seek help from professional websites for translation and localization services (like Us). We are able to effectively meet your requirements and needs in terms of language.

5. Gain you a Competitive Edge

Based on a survey from 2011 conducted by the European Commission, 90% Europeans visit a website in their native language. 42% of them would not purchase the product even if the website’s language differs from their mother language. However, a multilingual website will help you stay ahead of the competition.

Translating your website into other languages will increase your global customer base , and also help your business expand. So , if you’re looking for reliable translation and localization solutions, feel at ease to contact us at any time.

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