You might need to ensure that your website can be translated into other languages. Perhaps your product information does not speak the language of your customers.
Translating is an important step to take if your goal is to reach your worldwide audience.

This article will not give you tips on how to find the best translation services for your business. It will not provide a detailed explanation of the meaning of translation services.

This article goes far beyond the translation, to show you all you get working with a translation agency.
Translation and Localization Knowledge-How

Localization is a key part of your business. Do you recall the first time you heard about it? I do. And I must admit that I asked myself: “Oh, it’s something about GPS?” If you are not responsible for the localization process but you only need to translate content, what do you know about the translation services, translation tools, localization processes, and best file formats?

Another important question: How much information do you need? Of course, you should understand what localization is.

Although you don’t need to be an engineer or mechanic when you purchase a vehicle, it’s helpful to know the basics in order to avoid buying a vehicle that is going to break down right away.

The same applies to every business purchase, including translation services. However, this doesn’t mean you should become an expert in localization.

It is enough to have a localization expert on your side. The best translation agencies will be open to sharing their knowledge and experience with you.

You don’t want to be lost in translation and spend more time trying to figure out every detail.

Instead, consult a localization expert to help you understand the basics of your area and make informed decisions that will best fit your business.

You’ll feel secure knowing your content is safe and sound. Your questions will be answered quickly so you don’t have to ask more.
Constant Guidance throughout the Translation Process

Do you have images on your website? It must have images, I believe.
Do you really want the responsibility to ensure that customers aren’t offended by poor localization of content? It’s not something I believe in.

These are simple questions with easy answers.

It is possible to not answer other important questions.

Do you need to prepare technical documentation translations
What are the necessary steps to ensure that image files can be properly localized in your computer?
Is it really necessary to use CAT tools if you have a Google Translate option?
Is it possible for all software strings to be localized equally?
Is it necessary to transcreate marketing content every now and again?
You can send scans and have them translated immediately.
How can you prepare for localization of software?
Does the manual for solar panels have to include images that are localized? They are images, after all.
Do you need any additional apps or tools to allow your localization agency to deliver a high quality translation?
LMS (Learning Management System), must LMS be translated if English is the main language spoken by most users?
What is the best way to use images on your Japanese website?
How can you approach the in country translation review?

There are many questions you could ask. It all depends on what industry you work in, how much knowledge you have about the topic, and what your brand needs. You can do tons of research online.

However, you can be sure that your translation agency can answer your questions in a way you won’t need to look up a dictionary.

Translation agencies offer guidance that is based upon years of experience in localization to give you the best possible answer.

You might not want to have a website translated into 10 languages all at once. Or, to have your entire site localized.

Sometimes, customers may just need to translate blog posts or key information from the main website (including navigation menu).

By partnering up with a localization agent, you’re purchasing the guidance of the entire translation staff. This does not mean that they will tell you what to do; but, it means that they will also help you understand why.

You should be ready for the truth when you work with a translation agency. Every guide is going to tell you when a path is unsafe or simply stupid.

You can trust the best translation agency and be comfortable letting them guide you, even if you don’t get the answers.

You will be able to create a roadmap for international business growth if your translator provider truly listens to you.
Integration of your system and translation software

One of our most common questions is “Do you have tight integration to our system?” They are looking for an easy answer:

Companies seek to launch new products on global markets and create websites in multiple languages quickly and efficiently. They are looking for ways to speed up the process.

This is what translation companies do: they develop solutions such as translation automation. Integration of the Translation Management System directly into the client’s systems is a key factor.

You know that you made the right choice if a translation agency confirms that they have integration with your system, whether it is Magento, WooCommerce WordPress, HubSpot or Bitbucket.

You cannot stress enough how important it is to have your translation provider’s backend integrated with your backend.

It allows you to, here’s another, save a lot time, speed your product introduction to foreign markets, and give your clients a flawless experience without having them wait too long. You can save time. But it’s not only that.

You can streamline multilingual content creation from your backend, ensuring that your product is available to international audiences in the right time and allows them to enjoy it.

Reduced manual steps and data exchange allow you to deliver product or content that is fully tailored to local needs in a faster and more efficient manner.

No matter what kind of content you need translated, improved accessibility equals enhanced user experience. User-friendly websites, software, and product information in native languages are easy to find.
We have less translation-related tasks and more time to spare

Do you remember ever saying, “I have a lot to do this project, maybe too much?” It’s not me. It’s actually “Jeez! Why are there only 24 hour in a day!”

Partnering with a great translation agency will allow you to spend more time on your core goals and tasks. And you will get more rest at night.

This can be achieved if your content is properly prepared for translation and you actually let the translation company do the work. You’re familiar with the difficulties of managing localization in any company.

You don’t need it if you don’t have it. Not only for content development, but also for translation, you want to have smooth processes.

TMS (Translation Management System), which is tightly integrated into your system, will help you save time.

It is easier to concentrate on your strengths, and it can increase creativity. You may find yourself working on new solutions that were not possible before.

Any human being will sigh at the concept of time: There is so little time and so many things to do. Take advantage of any opportunity that offers more time. You will receive this when you work with a translation agency that understands the value of their services.
Translation Savings vs. Translation Costs

A translation agency is a great way to increase your bank account’s cash flow. This is because if your business grows in the right direction, it increases your income. There is also another explanation.

It’s possible to save a lot of money by getting your translation right. The CAT tools (Computer Assisted Translation tool) are here to help. Translation Memory (TM) is an important feature.

You will receive more than a price for the content you send for translation. The estimated cost will include information about how much you’ll save and why.

You shouldn’t be charged for multiple translations if you use the same expressions and words in the content.

CAT tools let your localization agency quickly and effortlessly scan the content to find out how many already translated sentences and expressions are in the TM.

This means that the price of your translation will be determined by how repetitive the expressions are (they are generally charged at 25% of actual rate) and whether or not you have previously translated elements in your previous projects.

Translation Memory will save the content you have previously translated with the help of CAT tools. When generating a quote, the Translation Memory will charge less for segments that were already translated. You can calculate how much you’ll save on translation by comparing the content with which it was previously translated.