LaCie Rugged portable storage hard drives have proven to be a reliable and durable option in areas where others fail: film sets, photo shoots, music studios, and other locations that are home to some of the most important creative minds around. Why? LaCie Rugged products represent the industry’s most reliable way to capture and transport data on the ground.
These rugged drives are portable, robust, and ready for anything. You can count on Rugged drives to be durable, IP67-rated, for drop, rain and dust resistance, as well as crush resistance.

Since 2005, we’ve released more than 6,000,000 Ruggeds to the wild.

How has Rugged developed since its inception? Let’s take an in-depth look at the award winning history of LaCieRugged hard drives.
Rugged’s designer set out to make a classic instantly

The Rugged Drive, a robust steel box covered in a protective orange rubber jacket, stood out instantly when it was launched and quickly became a favorite among creative professionals who required fast, high capacity portable storage that could withstand any road conditions.

“The Rugged is an instant classic,” declares Neil Poulton from Paris, who has designed many LaCie products for external storage including Rugged. “But we’re more interesting now than we were before.”

Poulton has detailed the lengthy process involved in designing the drive. He said that there were many revisions to the original design, as well as overcoming early problems with durability testing. He states that they did more than a million hardness test and couldn’t get the bumper’s Shore value (hardness rating).

They passed the test eventually. Today Rugged has a stronger frame than ever. She can withstand falls from higher heights and even being run over a 1-ton car. In some models, even a 2-ton!

Rugged shuttle drive durability is what creative storytellers rely on.

Poulton stated that the “Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle” was one of his inspirations, a vehicle that looks like a tank. It was featured in the 1960s British scifi TV shows Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons.

Design improvements are possible right from the beginning through today

LaCie, in the years that have passed since the original Rugged, has expanded and improved the Rugged family. With the Rugged RAID Shuttle version, we have increased the capacity to 8TB (8,000GB) with the first version. This is a 9,900% increase in capacity! LaCie’s also expanded the types of Ruggeds available to solve a wide variety of needs, producing everything from mini versions to larger high-capacity versions, SSD models and backup-on-set-solutions (BOSS).

Rugged has received new productivity and speed features as we improve it over time. In 2012, Rugged was upgraded with Thunderbolt connectivity. 2015 saw models with two internal drives in RAID, which doubles the speed and capacity. Breakout capabilities were introduced to allow creatives who work in-the-field to back-up their files directly from SD card or USB devices. The status screen allows you to monitor file-transfer progress, battery life and capacity. Additionally, you can access the drive’s files via a smartphone.

Since its creation, Rugged drives has been used extensively by adventure photographers Andy Best and Zak Nyle, videographers and YouTube stars Sara Dietschy and Nashville’s Paul Moak. The drive can store and ship footage directly from the field to the editing room. The durable drive is equally at ease in Hollywood production suites as it is in the hot, dry, moist, and sometimes icy wild places.