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Hot Tub Insulation: Do You Need It?

Based on the years of experience in repairs and installations to hot tubs I’ve put together a an overview of the things need to be aware of prior to buying one.

Are You Buying your first Hot Tub?

You’re thinking of purchasing the first spa? (Yes, I’m Canadian.) The entire article should be the first step to make. The saying goes”knowledge is power.

It is likely that you will be awed by your hot spa. Based on years of doing repairs and installations during many most frigid winters of the globe and with almost every brand and model available that is available There are a few aspects to consider prior to making the big purchase decision.

It’s not my intention to go into the particular brands as they all have advantages and disadvantages and, most importantly, they don’t pay me. The purchase of a large-ticket item such as hot tubs is typically an individual decision that could cost you more in the event that you don’t do your research before you buy, so I’m going to offer couple of suggestions for things to consider before you purchase. The rest is yours to decide.

Okay, enough intro. Let’s dive into the facts. Here’s the deal.

How Much Money Do You Want to Spend?

The first step is to take a hard review of your finances. How much do you have in your savings? Determine what you are able to spend before you begin your search and make sure you stay within the limit as you shop for the best deal.

Beware of the sales representatives. They earn commissions and make money by squeezing you with an array of unnecessary extras that you don’t really require. However, with a little knowledge, you can walk into any retailer selling hot tubs confidently, knowing precisely what you’re looking for asking the appropriate questions, and remaining within your budget.

Don’t be afraid of negotiating. There are massive mark-ups on hot tubs, particularly when you begin adding additional features. There’s always chance to bargain when it comes to the final price of your purchase. Be aware that you don’t have to buy these features. There are plenty of players in the game who are looking to make money and if they’re not willing to bargain, go and play with someone else. Don’t be greedy and be expecting a ridiculous agreement, but it’s is never a bad idea to inquire.

The most affordable brands. Some time ago one of the largest Wholesale discount retailers (whose name I’m not going to discuss) released beautiful, but not well-made range of hot tubs that cost approximately $5,000. They quickly sold out of the tubs. I’m certain that the majority of you reading this will have an picture about the chain of stores that I’m referring to. However, once the first cold snap arrived, water pipes began popping, pumps began to freeze and shells started to crack. I’m grateful that I wasn’t part of that calamity as I was told that about 500 tubs per week being returned to the company. However, the buying public is convinced that they can purchase a an excellent, brand new hot tub at less than $5,000, but they won’t.

If you are offered an expensive hot tub that costs less than $5,000, it’s probably a low-cost knock-off made in China that is likely to cause more damage than the price you paid for it, so be cautious about what you are paying for with your hard-earned cash. According to the old saying that you get what spend for.

I am of the opinion that traditional retailers of 5 person hot tubs have been slashing prices on the public for a long time However, they also offer extra security in the installation and warranty work they perform for you purchasing locally. That alone is worth the extra cost and peace of mind should there are any issues with your hot tub later on, however, you’ll still have to spend anywhere from $8,000 to $14,000 for a basic high-quality hot tub. However, when you add extras like stereos, additional jets or LCD screens prices will go up.

Where will You Put The Hot Tub?

Installing Inside: If install your tub indoors your main concern will be venting the water that is released from the tub. Additionally, you will need to ensure adequate drainage.

Installation Outside: The further the hot tub is to your house and your home, the less cost. Electric wires running from your house to the electrical panel are costly and the further away the more advantageous, not to mention the work involved if you must dig a trench under a muddy ground to lay electrical cables.

If the tub is placed in the dirt, you should remember that in a climate that is colder every spring, the ground melts. If your tub is placed on the ground, as the ground begins to melt in the spring, it’s going to move the burden of the water inside your tub, which can cause significant strain, and if the shell breaks it will cause major issues.

You will need to dig a hole at least 4 feet to be below the frostline before pouring an extremely deep concrete slab or, if it’s being installed on a deck make sure that the deck is able to support the extra weight.

A six-person hot tub filled with water will weigh at most 5000 pounds. with no of your wild partying friends swimming around, so consider whether the space you are contemplating putting your tub on can handle the load. Should it not be, you may need to consider digging several four-foot deep holes to build cement support posts that go to just above the ground or more, and then place four-inch square, pressure treated wooden posts directly under the deck’s floorjoists, or beneath the deck, to in supporting the weight of your tub. Four concrete columns are well and you may be able to do it with two columns if you’ve done it correctly. A skilled handyman or carpenter could do the job in case you’re not familiar with the procedure , but when it must be completed, make sure to take it off before the tub is put in.

It’s a pain to have your entire group of friends at your hot tub-themed party, only to have the entire pool collapses on your deck and there are wires that are loose , with water splashing everywhere and people walking into the water. It’s not the kind of buzz they were hoping for creating at your event. I’m smelling a lawsuit if someone is injured, or even more serious, so why risk it? Take it easy in the very first attempt.

Before you buy…

Tip: When you take the skirting covers off of the edges of the tub, and examine the inside of the shell you will see that it has been sprayed , but not all around the connections to jet hoses however in the event that the foam has been cut off or damaged this means that the leak was in the tub and someone tried to repair it. If you see water flowing out, then you’re likely to have an issue and that’s why it is…

Always get a tub with water.

It’s important to know whether you’re purchasing a new or used. It might have been just a bad seal but now that they know that you know, it makes for a great final-price-negotiating tool and if you are buying from a retail store, make sure that those problems were addressed and written in the warranty in case there are any problems down the road.

Hot Tub Insulation: Do You Need It?

A good insulation level is an important element in keeping your electricity expenses low. You should ensure that the entire outer surface of the shell is coated with foam insulation at least 33 millimeters thick/2.5 inches (standard). 100 mm is even better. You can verify this by removing the skirting panels around the tub’s shell.

Another excellent insulating option is the use of a thermo blanket (at minimum one inch thick generally around 18 in wide, and about 30 inch long according to the dimensions of your tub) connected on the rear of your skirting panel inside the tub. The majority look like an oval piece of foam, with a thick aluminum foil over it, screwed directly to the skirting’s back within the interior in your bathtub. (Another NASA invention filtering its into the market for retail.)

This helps keep cold out, as well as reflect the heat coming out of the pumps into the space that surrounds the tub’s inside This aids in controlling the temperature inside your tub , so that your heating system doesn’t have to work so hard to keep your water’s temperature at the level you prefer it. This will also result in lower monthly heating costs.

Simply stated, when I arrive home and get in, my hot tub and find it exactly at the temperature I have set it to the insulation I talked about is in place precisely as I would like it to do.

Hot Tub Jets: How many? Air or Water?

Jets? How many jets ? It’s dependent on how many people are going to use the tub and what parts of your body you would like to massage. If you are getting into 30 40 or 50, hundred or even more jets it is likely that you will require and desire an additional, or perhaps third air or water pump and air pump, so keep this in mind when calculating the cost of units. It is important to ensure that all jets are running with using water as well as air.

Air or water jets? It’s also a good idea to have a mixture of water jets, and air. The larger jets are water (jacuzzi) jets, while air are the smallerjets, with a diameter of one inch. They work well together to produce various effects on a range of muscle groups. Certain areas that are part of you. such as your back, for example, could require a powerful, penetrating, water-jet massage, while other parts, such as your feet, could benefit from an air bubble massage that is gentler. It’s good to have two alternatives.

TIP: Never forget your feet. It’s a mistake that a lot of buyers make when they purchasing because they are looking forward to the cool LCD or stereo screen instead, and are always regretful for not receiving it. The feet take on all the weight of our bodies every day and are subject to a lot of abuse, so don’t overlook to pamper your feet a much-needed massage, too (hydro-Reiki is what I call it).

Hydrotherapy massage for the entire body is the best option according to me.

Another tip: Make sure to purchase stainless-steel jet rings and not the plastic (PVC) or what they prefer to call it nowadays. Plastic wears quickly according to tub use and cracks. It is very difficult in the butt for changing and replace.

Do You Really Need A Cover for Your Hot Tub Cover?

If you are a resident of frigid winters, the more thick the cover the more effective. A cover that is five inches thick with four inch sides will do a great deal of work in keeping the warmth inside the tub, in the place it belongs.

The majority of bathtubs have the standard 3-inch thick cover If you live in colder weather you should consider spending the extra cash for a more robust cover. If your provider doesn’t have the tubs, visit the internet and place an order.

I’d like to ask one question: Have you had the pleasure of looking at an unattended hot tub with its cover closed and seen steam pouring from the sides, as if it was a pressure cooker, and thought”Oh, that’s cool!” As an owner of a hot tub it’s not something you’d like to see as this can lead to serious loss of heat that can lead to more expensive energy bills. This is not a good thing.

Covers are another thing that if there’s an inch of fresh snow in the dirt, and an inch of fresh snow over my hot tub’s cover I’m a content hot tuber because I am sure that there won’t be any heat loss that will go straight through the cover’s top or through the sides.

If you are in the middle of a storm and there’s no snow on your roof this means that you will experience a loss of heat , which again leads to more expensive heating costs. This is not a good thing. Covers that are thick, custom-designed and durable are the best. It’s among the smartest investment options.

TIP Note: Tip: In Canada it is illegal to leave the hot tub cover not locked if there’s no person in your spa. The reason for this is that young children are able to easily climb over the steps and end up into the pool as has been the case numerous times. Therefore, ensure that you secure your cover whenever you are not in use. What’s the risk in an inexpensive fix? The majority of covers are equipped with a lock and key as standard equipment, so keep the key in a secure and secure location.

Lifters for covers are great for those who aren’t able folding the covers in two, then slide it away, and place it against an object, but when you’re on your own or are facing physical difficulties you should definitely invest in an item to lift your cover. It is a relatively inexpensive, but worthwhile purchase. The covers are uncomfortable and heavy sometimes, particularly when you’re exhausted or in some kind of discomfort. Lifters are available in a variety of models that are completely automated or come with hydraulic pumps mounted that allow easy movement. I recommend visiting the closest dealer and looking them up to see if you’re shopping with them. Every person has different requirements.