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Floor Tiles Buying Guide

If you’re thinking about new flooring options for your home, there are plenty of options including affordable vinyl sheets all the way to gorgeous natural stones.

However, in the last couple of years flooring tiles have been the top choice of intelligent homeowners. There’s a reason behind this. They’re functional and stylish, and provide the best style and comfort underfoot without breaking the bank.

With the plethora of flooring tile options to choose from selecting the best design and color for your house can be a bit, well difficult. It’s essential that you choose the right flooring – not only will it establish the standard in the other areas of the space but it’ll likely be in place for quite a while!

Thanks to our experience and years of knowledge, we’re here to assist. This buying guide will go over all you should know to help you choose the ideal match.

What are the floor tiles?

Contrary to other flooring options like vinyl or carpet flooring tiles are tough and durable enough for every space at home. They are usually made using modern methods of digital printing that give you the appeal of natural or exotic materials, but without the disadvantages.

What are the advantages of flooring tiles?

All in all tile is experiencing a revival. And with more styles to choose from than previously, there is something for all.

There’s a lot that floor tiles offer more other than simply gorgeous designs. They provide numerous benefits over natural alternatives like wooden floors and synthetic materials like carpet or laminate.

Long lasting
Because of their very nature flooring tiles are extremely sturdy. They are highly resilient to tear and wear, they’re suitable for floors with a lot of traffic and aren’t easily scratched, unlike the more soft planks of oak.
Low maintenance
Contrary to carpets, which attract dirt and dust floors are easy to clean. A regular brushing is generally sufficient, but you could employ a mop and general floor cleaner to give your floors an even more thorough clean.
Realistic designs
With the help of advanced technology, today’s tiles look like precious natural materials. You can have the same gorgeous design in any space, but at a price that is astronomically expensive.
Secure for families
Tiles are the best option if suffer from allergies or asthma since there’s no place for pollen or dust to be able to hide. They also don’t contain VOCs that are harmful, thereby improving the air quality inside your home.
Cost effective
They’re not just attractive and safe, they’re also very affordable in comparison to other options. The best part is that they’ll last for quite a long time, which will save you money over the long term.
Very difficult to stain
Spills can happen, and other flooring options stain very easily. However porcelain tiles are resistant to staining and retain their look with minimal effort.

What are the most suitable tiles for my flooring?

When you’re planning your new space you may know precisely what kind of tile you’re looking for. For instance, if you’re reviving the look of a Victorian terrasse, you might already have a monochrome-patterned tile in your mind for the hallway.

Sometimes, however it’s possible that you won’t. If that’s the case, you’ll want to think about a few questions, which will help you narrow your focus:

What space are you planning to use your tiles for? For instance, a damp room would require a floor that has a high slip-rating. high-quality polished tiles work best in luxurious living spaces.
What kind of look do you intend to create in your room? For instance, if you’re designing an authentic shaker-style kitchen, ten flagstone tiles are more effectively than concrete and Terrazzo designs.
What is the most you would want to spend? Although floor tiles are much more affordable than other tiles they are priced at varying ranges. Make sure to factor in grout, adhesive, and installation!
What pattern of laying will be suitable for your home? The way you lay tiles will alter the look of your home For example the herringbone pattern is likely to draw attention more than a grid arrangement.

Where can I find flooring tiles?

Because of their hygiene-friendly nature tiles, they’re a perfect suitable kitchen and bathroom flooring. But, porcelain flooring tiles are extremely versatile and are now installed on virtually every flooring in the home.

In addition to the standard tiled flooring options that we’ve listed below We also have our customers making use of the tiles we offer in garages, bedrooms and even in their garden rooms!

The tiles made from porcelain and ceramic will not get warped or rotted when wet, which makes them the ideal choice for bathrooms that are steamy.
In contrast to natural flooring materials, floor tiles aren’t prone to staining and will appear beautiful all every day, and with the least effort.
Floor tiles are a great choice for the demands of busy floors. They’re durable robust and durable. They can stand up to waterlogged boots and wet paws.
Living Rooms
Combining floor tiles with underfloor heating for flooring that isn’t only nice, but also will also warm your home.
Utility Rooms
Practical spaces require functional floors, so select an elegant porcelain tile that is durable that won’t smudge, is stain-resistant, and is easy to tidy.
Perfect for conservatories, they are more than just practical. Their color won’t fade under the sun, and they don’t be affected by heat fluctuations.

What types of floor tiles are there?

In the past, tiles were viewed as an option that was practical and there were a limited number of design options.

Thankfully these days are gone , and there’s an abundance of floor tiles that are available with almost every fashion or style. Let’s look at some of the most sought-after selections.

Wooden wonders
Exceptionally loved for living spaces and hallways Wood look tiles offer you the natural beauty of oak while incorporating the practicality of porcelain.
To give a new spin to industrial design, choose huge concrete-style tiles. Move from room to room to create seamless floors that look effortlessly elegant.
Eternal Stone
Stone effect tiles have an elegant look and fit in with any decor. Very realistic, they offer an elegant, warm style that’s simple to love.
Patterned Fun
The vibrant and cheerful patterns are the latest trend in interior design. They transform your floor into a stunning canvas that will impress your loved ones and guests.
Victorian Elegance
Elegant and refined, Victorian flooring tiles provide a stunning style and look that is perfect in homes of the past, particularly bathrooms and hallways.
Slate Beauty
The timeless slate-effect tiles well in bathrooms and kitchens, offering you durability as well as a riven beautiful, rough beauty.
Glorious Marble
Marble tiles effortlessly blur the lines between traditional and modern. They’ll provide your home with an elegant look that other materials cannot beat.
Trendy Terrazzo
It is incredibly satisfying to gaze at Terrazzo tiles look amazing fashionable and always attract attention. They are perfect for modern flooring in kitchen and bathroom, that’s why!
Metallic Magic
Nothing says modern quite like metal, and our metallic tiles will give you a sparkling design beneath your feet. With a touch of glamour they’re perfect for floors large and small.
Rustic Charm
With their warm hues, rustic-style tiles give any floor with amazing style and elegance. Ideal for kitchens with country charm and cozy family homes too.