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What is car chip tuning?

Tuning the engine chip allows you to increase the performance of your vehicle in the direction of increased performance and effectiveness. It is a low-cost service that is only one hour. It’s usually legal. Chip tuning is a mapping of factory settings in an engine’s controller device (ECU). But, this kind of interference will increase costs of insurance, and can void the warranty.

What is car chip tuning?

Engine ship tuning can be described similar to a software update. The changes are applied to the ECU through a software file, or “map”.

The ECU is vital as it regulates the operation of your engine such as timing of ignition, fuel consumption as well as boost pressure. It dramatically alters your “appearance” of the engine.

But what are the dangers? Does this change affect the amount you pay for insurance? Furthermore what can you do to confirm that the firmware inside the car was already altered? We will inform you more about it in the article.

Engine chip tuning – what is the best option?

It is up to yourself what is most important to you: performance, fuel efficiency or handling? Chip tuning isn’t only for passenger cars but it is also applicable to motorcycles, vans trucks, and tractor.

The ECU’s remapping feature can be modified to fit the driving style you prefer. Chip tuning isn’t only about speed.

But chip tuning can…

Increase premiums for insurance even if the damage isn’t visible at the surface
Your car insurance policy will be cancelled in the event that you fail to notify your insurance company.
Increase the load on the engine that reduces the engine’s service duration.

So, be aware of the flaws of ECU chip tuning and adopt the time to select the right service supplier.

The benefits of tuning a chip

Many manufacturers put “average” programs into the ECU (electronic control unit) of the vehicle that do not take into consideration the characteristics of a specific fuel, or the climate conditions of the area, etc. It is therefore feasible to “rock” the ECU to get better performance.

Chip tuning generally alters the mixture of fuel and air by increasing the pressure of turbocharging. In certain instances you may witness a performance increase between 25 and 35 percent. Many diesel and petrol vehicles can be safely and easily modified.

In the most straightforward instances, this process takes under an hour. It requires a laptop that is standard.
With chip tuning the engine of your car will run better and more efficiently with little effort or mechanical modifications
Chip tuning lets you enhance the power and efficiency of the engine.

What is the cost to chip-tune your engine?

A basic tuning of the engine can cost just 150 pounds. However, in most cases, VAT is added.

The cost of high-end chip tuning typically ranges between 200 and 350 pounds. If you are required for replacement of the ECU it will be necessary to shell out more. Contact your provider.

The same principle is applicable the same way in real life the higher you pay the more you receive.

What is the safety aspect?

If the tuning of the chip is performed by highly skilled experts, it won’t pose any risk to the car. If repairs or maintenance are not of high-quality, it can be dangerous. of the vehicle chip tuning will increase the chance of unexpected breakdowns. If there’s any issue or issue, remapping the ECU is not recommended.

Some vehicles are built in a manner that they don’t have the power that is greater than what is built into them. Take your time studying the issue before you decide to modify the engine.