If you’re thinking about giving your vehicle a new lease on life then a car wrap could be the solution. With the variety of colours and styles and the option of creating your own, personalizing your car is never easier. But before you commit the money – and even the time if you’re looking to try it ourselves – we’d consider the advantages and disadvantages of wraps for your car.

The type of material you choose to use and the process you use The materials you use, the technique you employ are all aspects that affect the final appearance the car wrap. We want to make sure you are aware of the benefits and drawbacks prior to wrapping your car.

Pro’s of Car Wraps

“Now, a car that is well-wrapped will fool the majority of people who see it’

It’s personal to you

With the appearance of car wraps getting pristine and the designs customised to your preferences is a growing trend, more drivers are choosing to use these. If it’s a whole body wrap or only your wheels individualisation lets you get a car that is uniquely you. The wraps don’t have to be an outrageous colour. Vinyl’s wraps can be varied and permit you to alter the color often, without the permanence of a respray.

Guard your Paint

Another reason to wrap your car in a vinyl wrap is to protect its paintwork. The wraps act as an effective layer to protect against scratches and dings caused by stones and other road debris. If you’re looking to sell the car as it was in the original state, securing the paint will help preserve the value of your vehicle and keep you from the expense of minor scratches.

Cost-effective colour

Before you splash out for a total respray, car wrapping Lincolnshire lets you test new colors at a lower cost. While the cost of a vinyl wrap may differ, particularly if you prefer to have the work done in a professional shop, it’s a less expensive option and permits you to choose the design and design, and the time frame it is kept.

It’s removable

If you decide that in six months or even a year that you don’t like the current wrap on your car it is easy to remove it! It is a simple process to mean literally, since the removal of a car wrap is a time-consuming and precise procedure, which will keep the car’s appearance. A few tips to remove an old vinyl wrap include employing a heat gun, using a slow peel method and try to stay clear of the use of abrasive products.

Con’s in the form of Car Wraps

You Pay What You Get

If you’re thinking about wrapping your vehicle with an affordable budget, it’s important to note that you receive the value you get for your money. Therefore, if you’re looking to attempt a little DIY and buy a low-cost wrap to save money it could result in the same look as trade wraps or one that has been rated for quality.

Dramatic Color Changes

Wrapping your car in black vinyl might initially appear amazing, a con worth mentioning is the possibility of a color change after the wrap has suffered scratches or scratches. When the wrap is subjected to greater damage, color will begin to leak through, becoming more apparent and the overall appearance will be lost. The protection of the wrap will also disappear which exposes the paintwork to further harm.

Think about the legal implications

If you’re thinking of adding a body wrap with a complete-body design that changes the colour of the vehicle e.g. from red to black it is necessary to inform your insurance provider as well as the DVLA. This could be a lengthy procedure especially if you want to wrap your vehicle for a brief period prior to changing it back. It is advisable to research online prior to spending money on the exterior body wrap.