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The Process Of Scrapping Cars

If your car was badly damaged, written off by your insurance provider, or is at the close of its lifespan You may be contemplating what to do.

The good news is that legislation passed in recent times to reduce the number of abandoned cars will mean that you won’t need to pay for your vehicle to be scrapped. In fact, a licensed scrapping facility for vehicles could remove it from your possession and refund you the money in exchange.

What happens when you decide to scrap your vehicle? It is crucial that you bring your vehicle into the Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) that is licensed to dispose of scrap cars and will ensure that the proper procedures are in compliance to Environment Agency regulations.

They will also notify the DVLA that the vehicle was scrapped, and you will be issued an Certificate of Destruction (CoD) to prove that it’s occurred. (The CoD will mean you will no longer be liable for any traffic fines or taxes on your vehicle).

After they’ve taken your vehicle and inspected it, the ATF will make sure that any hazardous or dangerous substances like the car battery, are taken away and disposed of properly, as well as the parts that are recyclable are reused.

Our obligation

Each licensed facility should be aware of the significance of scrapping cars in a sustainable and safe manner.

This is why when you drop off your vehicle off with us to scrap the vehicle will go through the process of depollution to get rid of any harmful substances that will then be properly disposed. All tyres are removed and then sent for reuse or recycling, while other parts like glass and bumpers are taken away for recycling by a specialist.

It’s only when the vehicle has gone through the depollution procedure and the recyclable parts have been taken out, that it can be deemed safe for crushing.

Our environmental policy

When it comes to scrapping a vehicle the most important obligations is to protect the environment, by making sure that all materials that could cause harm to the soil or water supply are taken care of in a safe manner and do not create the risk of causing harm.

Therefore, the removal of switch, seats belt pretensioners and catalytic converters. Airbags and oil filters as well as all the fluids in the vehicle (oilor coolant, fuel, etc.) that are then stored in sealed tanks.

The scrap car is linked to a depollution system that will energize the vehicle and permit it to eliminate any static.

Scrap your vehicle with us

If you’re planning to scrap your vehicle, it could be nice to know your car will be in safe in the hands of a professional when you leave it with us. Contact us today to learn more about the ways you can scrap my car with us.