Dennis Hooper and Shirley Carter from South Mimms adopted miracle cat Trudie. Picture: PA Media.

A South Mimms couple have adopted a miracle cat who survived after being hit by a bus and starved for 16 days.

Four-year-old Trudie suffered major head injuries when she was struck by the vehicle but ran away before she could be treated.

Staff at the RSPCA’s Southridge Animal Centre eventually tracked her down and during treatment she needed her jaw wired together and damaged eye removed.

Mona Jorgensen, Southridge deputy manager, said: “It’s a miracle that she’d survived with those horrific injuries, especially as they’d left her unable to eat.

Trudie was hit by a bus but has now found a happy home. Picture: PA Media.

“She showed that she was a real fighter.”

After her surgery she was fed via a tube for the first week before being weaned back onto normal food and retaught how to walk.

Following the crash in Luton, the centre named her Trudie after St Gertrude the Patron Saint of Cats, and nursed her back to full health for six months before starting the search for a new home.

“We all spent so much time with Trudie and she had a special place in all of our hearts,” Ms Jorgensen added.

Dennis Hooper and Shirley Carter from South Mimms have adopted Trudie. Picture: PA Media.

“After everything we’d been through we knew we needed to find her the most amazing home.”

Eventually South Mimms couple Dennis Hooper and Shirley Carter took her on and she is now settling well.

Mr Hooper said: “We’re big animal-lovers, particularly cats, and I knew I’d choose an animal who had been through the worst time so I could show them a lovely life.

“She is smashing – she absolutely loves fuss and is a real sweetie.

Trudie is now doing really well after being rehomed. Picture: PA Media.

“She is progressing really well.”

He added that she’s come a long way since not eating for 16 days – so much so that they have now had to cut her food back as she’s “getting a bit porky”.