The scene in Ballards Lane in North Finchley this morning. Credit: Ian Pawley

A major street was cordoned off by the emergency services today after bricks came tumbling down from the top of a three-storey building.

Ballards Lane in North Finchley was taped off shortly after 10am (January 6) with a 25 metre cordon set up as a safety precaution.

A photo showed a pile of bricks on the pavement but fortunately it appears no one was hit when they fell because neither the London Fire Brigade nor the Metropolitan Police reported any injuries.

Bricks on the pavement in Ballards Lane. Credit: Ian Pawley

Just up the road, police vehicles and fire engines were parked in the street with officers keeping members of the public away.

Firefighters and police in Ballards Lane in North Finchley. Credit: Ian Pawley

A spokesperson for the fire brigade said: “This morning we were called to investigate a possible building collapse.

“Brickwork had fallen from the roof level to the ground of a three storey building, consisting of a shop with dwellings above it. A 25 metre cordon was set up as a safety precaution.

“No injuries were reported.”

This is the property in Ballards Lane where the bricks fell from. Credit: Ian Pawley

Firefighters were called at 10.11am and crews from Finchley and Edmonton were sent to the scene. The incident was declared over just after 11am and the scene was left in the care of the police.