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The new playground at Colindale Park. Credit: Barnet Council

A new children’s playground is almost complete following a £1.2 million investment.

Colindale Park’s new play area features a volcano and other activities along with an outdoor gym, table tennis. chess tables, an orchard, and picnic tables.

Further enhancements include cycle paths, benches, and plants.

Barnet councillor Dean Cohen said: “The amazing regeneration of Colindale Park has created another great place in the borough for everyone to enjoy. We hope that everyone in the area and further afield can take advantage of the new facilities in this popular open space.

“This latest project comes in addition to our continuous investment in Barnet’s brilliant parks.”

A new Colindale Square will create a flexible space for temporary events, including plans for a farmer’s market and flea market during weekends.

It’s expected that Colindale Park will have fully reopened for everyone to enjoy the new facilities by the middle of November.