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Benefits of London Scrap Metal Collection

Scrap metal collection London could be the ideal solution for any business in any sector. In reality, there are many advantages when it comes to arranging the scrap metal that needs to be gathered, rather than bringing it to the scrapyard yourself. The benefits of mobile scrap metal collection are:

Save money on fuel costs
Legal and safe removal of metal and recycling
Beware of penalties and fines.
Time is money.

Conserving money on fuel expenses

As professionals, as scrap metal dealers, we will come at you. You will save money on the amount of fuel your company uses. Instead of filling up your truck with heavy scrap metal and waste it, we’ll come and pick it up from no matter where you are. It doesn’t matter if you’re in your home, on site or even at your company premises. Choose a time and location that fits to your schedule and we’ll arrive! We’ll even pay you there and there, so you don’t have to go into the offices to collect your cash.

Metal removal that is legal and safe and recycling

As scrap metal dealers You can be assured that your ferrous as well as non-ferrous, metals and electronic garbage, and even old boilers will be safely and legally recycled. This means that your business will be able to reach its recycling and waste goals and be paid for the waste! This will simplify your work and you don’t need to fret about getting all of the material to your closest scrapyard. Since our mobile service is focused on collecting. We want to simplify your life.

Avoid penalties and fines.

If find large quantities of scrap metal in your car You could be facing the possibility of a substantial fine. To take waste materials to the nearest scrapyard, you require a Waste Carrier’s Licence. Without this, you could get penalized by up to £5000! By using an on-demand scrap collection company you can get rid of this hassle and also the £154 Fee for registration of a licence! Instead, we’ll meet you at your location to weigh your metals, and then pay you right there and then! It’s a lot easier!

Time is money.

Money is time, they claim. Your time is in no doubt extremely valuable. Why sit in the scrap yard for hours instead of having your scrap metal sorted quickly and conveniently? There is no need to call staff to unload the truck or sort the scrap or travel to the scrap yard. We can take care of all of that for you. You can continue with your day-to- daily activities without added stress.


For businesses that generate lots of scrap metal, scrap or electronic waste we can establish a regular agreement to collect the waste. This will allow us to seamlessly integrate into your work week to take away scrap and even pay you for it when it is convenient for you. Being dependable professionals, you can trust that we’ll never disappoint you!

For more details about mobile scrap metal recycling across London Contact us now.