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Benefits of funeral straming

Is streaming a loved one’s funeral service on the internet right for your loved ones?

Modern technology permits anyone using a web camera an internet-connected computer, or smartphone or tablet that has a video camera to quickly record and share their videos via the Internet regardless of whether they are streamed live or uploaded following recording. In no way is it surprising that many funeral homes use the same technology to stream funeral services on the web in real-time. This article will discuss the pros and cons of streaming funerals, to help decide if this is suitable to you as well as your loved ones.

Benefits of live streaming funeral

The broadcasting of funeral services through the Internet allows families, relatives, and loved ones to attend the funeral in virtual form if they are not able to physically attend the funeral because of physical, geographical, financial or any other issues.

* Funeral webcasts may be stored on either DVD or CD, that will serve as a permanent recording of the ceremony which, at a later date certain mourners may want to revisit.

If you aren’t able to attend the funeral ceremony, or view it live streamed live on the internet in real time funeral webcasts are able to be viewed and accessed later.

* Funeral broadcasts online may include a live “chat” element, allowing viewers who are not in the service to contact others during the ceremony to express condolences or even talk to people who are physically at the funeral, if appropriate.

A funeral webcast may inspire people to “attend” (virtually) who would otherwise be unable to attend in any way, for whatever reason.

Attending a funeral even remotely is more beneficial than not taking part at all , in terms of helping grieving families and for those who attend online taking responsibility and acknowledging the reality that a loved one has passed away.

Benefits and disadvantages of funeral webcasting

A lot of people are already looking for reasons to avoid attending the funeral or wake or funeral webcast, and funeral webcasts could be a great excuse to attend in person.

Funeral webcasts generally offer a way to protect the privacy of these broadcasts by using secure servers and password-access family members may be concerned regarding the safety of this private occasion, and also the possibility of viewing by unauthorised individuals.

Some funeral houses offer funeral webcasting for free while others charge families for a fee, which is added to the total costs associated with the funeral. Additionally, the cost typically covers between 30 and 90 days’ access to video after the funeral but it requires an additional cost for access to the internet beyond the initial period.

* A few people who are part of members of the immediate family, or survivors, may find broadcasting a funeral on the Internet unprofessional or bad taste.