The Mitchells have been at the heart of many of Albert Square’s strongest storylines over the last three decades, featuring brothers Phil and Grant, Tiffany, Billy and of course, Peggy, played by Dame Barbara Windsor, who passed away in 2020.

Now, a new flashback episode is set to give viewers an insight into what made the family what it is.

The special episode, which was announced last month and will air on Monday (September 5), is set to take viewers back to the winter of 1979 as the Mitchell family struggles amid economic turmoil in Britain.

Peggy Mitchell is portrayed by Jamie Winstone in the flashback episode of Eastenders

Newly released images show family matriarch Peggy Mitchell, played by Jaime Winstone, under pressure, as she has her hands full keeping her busy household running while cracks are beginning to show in her marriage to Eric.

Eric, who viewers have heard much about but have never actually seen on screen before, will be played by George Russo.

Fans of the BBC One soap have also been given a glimpse of a young Phil and Grant Mitchell, played by Daniel Delaney and Teddy Jay respectively, as Eric decides to take them out on a so-called job to give them some work experience, despite Peggy’s disapproval.

Eric Mitchell (George Russo) with Peggy in a scene from the special flashback Eastenders episode. Picture: BBC/PA

The episode will also see Eric and Phil vying for the title of man of the house, leaving viewers wondering who will come out on top.

A young Billy Mitchell, portrayed by George Greenland, will also feature in the episode, along with Charlie Mitchell, Billy’s older brother, played by Charlie Heptinstall.

Eric Mitchell (George Russo), Billy (George Greenland), Phil (Daniel Delaney) and Grant (Teddy Jay) in a flashback episode of EastEnders. Picture: BBC/PA

Billy and Charlie’s father Stephen, played by Dean Roberts, will also appear in the flashback episode, along with Henry Garrett as Archie and Rose Reynolds as Glenda.

As present-day Phil grapples with growing pressure from DCI Keeble, audiences will be taken on a journey back to his youth, where clues to his present will be revealed.

Eric Mitchell (George Russo) and a young Phil (Daniel Delaney) in the flashback Eastenders episode. Picture: BBC/PA

Disclosures from the past may also give viewers an insight into the truth behind DCI Keeble’s vendetta against the Mitchell family.

The EastEnders Mitchell family flashback special will air on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on September 5 at 7.30pm.