Victoria Carson, 13, was walking at Longmore Avenue when she was hit by a car. Photo: Street View

A woman has been jailed for dangerous driving after her car hit a 13-year-old girl.

Gardene De Carvalho, 43, of Feline Court in East Barnet was found guilty on Friday (December 17) at Wood Green Crown Court.

The court heart how 13-year-old Victoria Carson was walking along the pavement of Longmore Avenue on June 29, 2020, at around 9.35pm when she was struck by a Fiat 500 being driven by De Carvalho.

De Carvalho was in the second year of a nursing degree at university with a vocational placement at a London hospital.

However, in addition she was found to be working two other paid full-time jobs, one working nights at a care home and another as a private carer in the day.

In fact it was established she worked around 440 hours between June 1 that year and June 29, where she routinely drove her car to her various jobs despite not having the correct insurance cover.

During the trial, De Carvalho claimed she had “blacked out” just before the incident and she “had no memory” until shortly afterwards.

The prosecution case was that she had fallen asleep due to the excessive hours she had been working.

She was sentenced to 42 months’ imprisonment, but with a 16-month discount on account of her previous good character.

De Carvalho also was disqualified from driving for four years.

DS Matt Smith, who worked on the case, said: “De Carvalho seemed to feel entitled to drive around London, regardless of her fitness to be behind the wheel.

“ Her refusal to take responsibility for using the roads safely led to the death of a young girl, and my thoughts and deepest sympathies remain with Victoria’s family.

“This tragic case should serve as a reminder to all drivers. It is your legal responsibility to ensure that you are entirely fit to drive and not putting yourself and others in danger. Failing to accept that responsibility can destroy lives and lead to your imprisonment.”