A bus service running across north London has been scrapped and replaced with another route.

The 332 bus route that runs between Brent Park Tesco to Paddington Station will no longer operate following Transport for London’s (TfL) consultation to “reshape the central and inner London bus network” earlier this year.

It will instead be replaced with a re-routed 16 bus which will still serve between Brent Park and Paddington.

The N18 night route will also be renumbered as the N32.


  • TfL bus routes saved from the axe

TfL will only get rid of three routes out of its 620 total network – the 332, 507 and 521.

The government required TfL to make savings equivalent of four per cent of the bus network and a series of changes were proposed to achieve this.

But Mayor of London Sadiq Khan announced additional funding of around £25m, meaning the majority of routes have been saved.

This means that passengers will still be able to make the same jouneys, with additional interchanges in some instances.

Sadiq Khan in front of two London buses (Image: PA)

Mr Khan said: “The strength of feeling across the capital was clear to me, and I was adamant that I would explore every avenue available to me to save as many buses as possible.

“This will mean tough decisions elsewhere, but I am very pleased that the vast majority of bus routes proposed to be cut due to the government’s funding conditions can now be saved.

“Buses sit at the heart of the capital’s transport network and have a key role to play as we continue building a better, greener and fairer city for all Londoners.”

Joanna Davidson, CEO for London TravelWatch, said: “It’s vital that we protect services as we know that in London more people travel by bus than any other mode of transport.

“Cuts to bus routes would have disproportionately affected lower paid and disabled Londoners – so it’s really positive news that many of these proposals have been shelved based on our recommendations.

“We will review the bus report in full and feed back any final suggestions to the Mayor and TfL.”