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Proper Electrician Uniforms Keep Electrical Workers Safe

Being around or working with electricity can be dangerous. The most effective protection against injuries to electricians and electrical workers is to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that includes electricians uniform, as well as workwear.

Here are five important points to be aware of when making sure you have the appropriate protective gear and clothing for electricians.

The Regulatory Requirements

To ensure compliance with federal and state rules, employers might require safety equipment to electrical employees. For instance, OSHA requires employers to offer workers the appropriate PPE required for their job that could include protection against fire (FR) clothing.

Alongside OSHA in addition, in addition to OSHA, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) also has its own protective clothing standards. The standards are applicable to electricians contractors, electrical engineers electricians, electrical inspectors and HVAC installers, and safety supervisors to mention a few. NFPA 70E regulations should be observed whenever electrical construction or maintenance work takes place. It includes sites for construction as well as industrial facilities.

Know which federal and state regulations are applicable to your workplace. You should conduct a regular an assessment of hazards in the workplace environment to determine what level of protective clothing that your employees require to remain secure and in compliance.

Choose FR clothes that have been approved by a third-party laboratory and tested to meet the specifications.

To ensure compliance with regulations electrical electrician uniforms must be constructed of non-flammable fabrics.

Fabrics that are flame-resistant are chemically treated or made in a way that makes them which are more fire-resistant than regular fabrics. The rating for fire-retardant is dependent on the temperature at which it is able to burn and how long it will take to burn.

Although electrician’s uniforms should be constructed from fabrics that are durable It is equally important that they feel comfortable. A variety of popular uniforms include friday work shirts, friday coveralls, work pants and jeans that are FR. A experienced uniform supplier will help you navigate the many different fabrics and protective options.

Arc Flash Protection

Since FR clothing is made of materials that are resistant to flames Workers should wear FR clothing whenever there is a chance of an arson flash.

According to OSHA According to OSHA, an arc-flash is a hazard that occurs when an electric current flashes and is a result of a current that leaves its path and travels from one conductor to the next or even to the ground. The results of an arc flash can be burns of varying severity blindness, hearing loss, memory loss due to the pressure waves, fractured bones or even death.

Although most employers employ FR uniforms for electrical and maintenance employees however, other employees can benefit from the protection offered by FR uniforms, especially if they work in areas in which fire dangers are prevalent for example:

Flash fire – gas or oil refinery, pharmaceutical workers and people who are exposed to chemicals
Combustible explosive dust – Paper mills, paint, food processors are only some of the examples
Anyone who comes across an electrical device that is functional and active

Clothing that is protected against Arc Flash is required for the job based upon the classification or the rating of the fabric. Arc Flash class information is clearly marked at the bottom of the tags of every FR clothing. In some instances, an emblem on the exterior of the garment may also include this information.

FR Clothing Maintenance

In addition to offering safety clothing, the OSHA PPE regulation requires that the protective clothing should be worn and maintained in a clean and safe state.

To this end, FR uniforms should be taken care of in accordance with the guidelines of the manufacturer. Clothing that has been damaged by FR typically requires special repair methods. However, using the common nylon thread can diminish the effectiveness of garment’s FR protection. This means that the maintenance and care of your FR clothes should be left to a reputable uniform management firm. They will inspect for damages and then make the repairs needed and inform you when it’s time to get an upgrade.

Branded Workwear Benefits

Branded workwear for employees comes with many advantages, including creating the environment of a team. Electrical and electricians can also be easily identified by clients and other contractors while working on construction sites or in a customer location. Logos are printed on the FR clothing by using thread from FR. This ensures that every part of the uniform remains protected and in compliance.