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Edinburgh Bicycle Shops – Support your local store

The industry of cycling is one of the fastest-growing in sports and it has a growing customer base. Customers are everywhere, from the older generation to the rising and future generations. This, and many other industries, is the biggest challenge. Customers can now compare prices online and buy with a click of a button. However they don’t know what’s really happening behind their eyes.

Online shopping is here to stay, but we’re not going tell you why. Even if your local shop is only open occasionally, we’ll tell you why. Don’t be afraid to share your love. After all, they’re the ones solving your problems.

Bike Shop Edinburgh Benefits


There are many great benefits to shopping at the local bike shop. One of them is a good relationship between customer and staff. The store will always be happy to help you, if you are a regular client. By simply showing up in person at the shop, you will soon be recognized by the staff. The conversation will flow from here and you’ll find them willing to go the extra mile for you.

Technical support

Unless you work in a bike shop or are a fully qualified home mechanic, you occasionally need your local shop to help you out. Whether it’s a bent wheel or a blown rear shock, your local bike shop can and will get it done. They will take care of the entire process:

Dealing directly to the manufacturer / supplier

How to file a warranty repair or claim

Arrange delivery arrangements for replacement parts/items

Fitting your bike’s parts

It’s possible to do this yourself by shopping online at a mega-store. However, you will be subject to delays and more work (as you would know).

The best thing? If this doesn’t resolve the problem then your local store can go about rectifying it because it’s their issue now and not only yours.

The best thing about working at a local bike shop regularly is the sense that you are part of a community. No doubt you will find yourself talking to other customers while flipping through a magazine. You might even hear a discussion about a possible impromptu bike ride for the next weekend. It’s all right in front of you. It is all you have to do, is to just go in and soak it all in.

If your local shop has a ride organized, you might want to join it. This is not a place for customers to ride and chat about bikes with staff. The usual coffee stop follows, and then the bike shop staff must head off to start their shift. It’s about being a part of the community.

Online shopping is primarily about saving money. There is no other benefit. It’s a nice thing to get stuff delivered to your front door.

It’s hard to beat the feeling of walking into a local shop. You can see and touch so many different items that 90% of what you don’t buy will be there. Ask someone who actually rides bikes for their opinions. If you are keen, you can take a crash-course in basic mechanics or learn from the staff. You can find everything you need if this interests you. Face-to-face interactions can provide real people with valuable information.

An interaction that leads friends and riding buddies for the weekend. An interaction that will see you leave the room with a smile on face and a bottle lubricant.

So that’s it! Support your local bike shop by doing this. Enjoy the experience!

You can click on the deals to skip the experience. We’ll see you online.