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About Rainbow Riches Slot Games

Rainbow Riches a series online slot machines that take gambling to a whole new level
Rainbow Riches might be something that you have heard of from playing online casino slot machines in the Casino. However, even if it isn’t, this guide will help you to find the best Rainbow Riches game.

Drops of Gold and Megaways, Home Sweet Home and Pick ‘n’ Blend are just a few of the many slots on Rainbow Riches.

This guide will help you to navigate the eight Rainbow Riches online slots, as well as how to play them. Learn about the specifics of each slot and learn online tips so that you can choose the best game for you.

Rainbow Riches

SG Gaming released the original Rainbow Riches game in the mid-2000s. This is still one the most well-known online slots. Rainbow Riches – the original – has five reels over three rows and twenty win lines.

This online slot has been around for a long time and is an icon of history. Rainbow Riches’ graphics are still the same, and it has a retro feel.

This slot embraces the Irish theme with leprechauns and wilds! There are 3 bonus rounds: Road to Riches; Wishing Well; and Pots of Gold. For the most part, symbols are a regular 10, J, Q and K, to keep the online slot feeling classic.
Rainbow Riches stats

x5 reels

x3 rows

x20 win lines

Key feature:
Rainbow Riches Drops Gold

This is the place to be if you love Bonus symbols. Rainbow Riches Drops of Gold features a variety of Bonus symbols that can increase your chances of hitting the win line. You will find bonus symbols like horse shoes, fiddles, harps, and fiddles in this game set in the gorgeous Irish countryside.

However, the most important feature of this game is the moveable gold and silver Wild Pots. All Wilds above trigger a frenzy of winlines when the Drops of Gold symbol appears at the fifth reel. The symbol bar bonuses will be replaced by the silver pots. However, gold pots will replace all of them!

This is a great game for players who love bonus combinations and wild Wilds. In just one spin, the game can totally turn on its head.
Rainbow Riches Drops Of Gold Stats

x5 reels

x4 rows

x200 win lines

Key feature: Wild Pots Cacade
Rainbow Riches free spins

This online slot is perfect for those who love free stuff. Rainbow Riches Free Spins provides players with exactly what they are looking for: Free Spins. This is a bonus feature in the slots game that is activated when at least three Scatter symbol appear on the reels. There are a maximum of 20 spins that you can win here. This is an incredible amount of spins.

Rainbow Riches Free Spins is a five-reel game with three rows of reels and 10 fixed winlines. To trigger other incredible features, look out for the bonus symbols. This game is also themed around the luck and Irish luck!
Rainbow Riches: Free Spins Stats

x5 reels

x3 rows

x10 win lines

Key feature: Enjoy free spins
Rainbow Riches Home Sweet Home

We’re still on the island of Ireland, and now it’s time we head home to Rainbow Riches. The slots gameplay is quite similar to other ones, but this bonus is unique.

Knock-Knock Bonus – This feature is activated when a leprechaun icon appears on the reels. If this happens, one to four of the four doors above will open and reveal which symbols are going to become Wilds.

Rainbow Riches Home Sweet Home has a transformative effect that will keep your attention for many spins.

That’s not all. The game offers 50 win lines, a Free Spins Bonus and 50 reels.
Rainbow Riches Home Sweet Home Stats

x5 reels

x5 rows

x50 win lines

Knock-Knock Bonanza
Rainbow Riches Pick ‘n’ Mix

This is the game to play if you like to select your own unique slot features. Rainbow Riches pick ‘n’ mix allows gamers to choose three of five additional features in order to win big at the slot machines.

The Leprechauns Road to Riches, The Magic Toadstool and Free Spins are the three main features that you will be asked to select at the start of the game.

The game will then begin in Rainbow Riches’ typical style, with lots of Irish-themed symbols and the regular 10, J. Q. K. A tiles. This game features 20 win lines and five reels with three rows. You can reset the game at any moment to change your bonus options or chance for a different one.
Rainbow Riches Pick ‘n’ Mix Stats

x5 reels

x5 rows

x20 win lines

Key feature: Pick your own bonuses
Rainbow Riches Leprechauns Gold

Don’t think that there is a limit on how many leprechauns an online game can hold. Rainbow Riches Leprechauns Leprechaun Gold is filled with lots of the little critters, which help you to find wins and bonuses as well as Wilds.

There are five different bonuses on this game. The most important one being the Rainbow Ring Bonanza Spinner. This bonus can be activated when three or more bonus symbols are visible on the reels.

The Big Bet is the game’s main feature. The Super Rainbow is activated when you trigger it. One or more reels can be taken over by the Super Rainbow at the start each spin.
Rainbow Riches Leprechauns Stats

x7 reels

x5 rows

x50 win lines

Super Rainbow is the main feature
Rainbow Riches Reels for Gold

Rainbow Riches Reels of Gold is a stunning online slot experience. You will find a total of 10 reels across this game. It also includes two separate slots that cover 100 win lines.

Big Bets bonuses really make this game stand out. This is where you can purchase additional features to enhance your gameplay experience. Pay to play five Big Spins, Expanding Wilds.

This is a game that isn’t recommended for novices to online casinos. Instead, it is for players who are comfortable placing higher amounts.
Rainbow Riches Reels for Gold stats

x10 reels

x100 win lines

Big Bets: Key feature