As a parent, there are many decisions you have to make for your child.
You might consider N 班報名 for your child if they haven’t yet started attending a nursery. You may feel a bit uncomfortable about your child being away from them, especially if you’re very young. But, the transition to nursery is a great experience for your child and can offer multiple benefits.

Eight key ways nursery environments can improve children’s confidence are highlighted by early-year experts.

Get Social

Social interaction with children of similar age offers many benefits.
* Making friends. Learning to establish connections.
* Learning how to share
* Turning
* Listening for others
* Playing together in groups and independently
* Sharing their knowledge with others, copying and supporting each other

Enhancing your communications skills

Your child will learn to interact more with their peers and nursery staff, improve their communication skills, and develop their vocabulary in a variety contexts.

A vital part of their development is learning how to communicate their feelings, opinions, and how they interact with peers and adults other then their parents. The ideal way for them to understand and empathize with others is by playing with other children at nursery.

Increased independence and confidence

The first time your child is away from you for a limited time in nursery can be stressful for you both. It is a time when your child can be themselves, explore the world, and form new relationships. This is important for their long-term happiness.

This independence can boost your child’s self-confidence as well as help them to develop their personality, dispositions, thoughts, ideas, and encourage them in their exploration of life outside their immediate family. You can help your child develop confidence by teaching them how to complete simple tasks and sharing time with others.

Learning New Skills

Nursery provides many different activities, resources, opportunities and experiences to encourage and engage your child. The variety of things your child can explore helps develop their interests, and encourages them try new things. It’s an exciting and new adventure. Plus, it allows you to leave the messy play to nursery.

Your child will learn new skills every single day, academically as well socially and emotionally.

Structure and Routine

Nursery is a place where your child can establish a schedule and structure for their day. These could include meals times, naps, indoor or outdoor activities, as well as meal times. This structure helps them feel more secure, confident, in control and better prepared for school. If a child is clear about what to expect, and when, it allows them to be more active in tasks. Before lunch, they should wash their hands, and then before leaving, they need help to tidy up. (Hopefully, this will become a regular routine at home).

Your child will be actively involved in activities, learning new skills, and exploring the environment outside of nursery. The playtimes keep children busy and help build their physical endurance. It also supports the development of large motor skills that will be necessary for school.

Building Immunity

It is important for children to interact with adults and other children at nursery in order to build immunity to common infections, such as the common cold. You can keep your child fit and healthy by getting outside and exercising every day.

Get ready to go to school

Many of the activities, routines, and skills that your child learns at nursery can be used to prepare them for school. Nursery assists in your child’s social development and helps them to form important attachments.

Preparing for Life-Long Learning

Many of those benefits are essential for your child’s success in the future. Nursery encourages critical thought, positive dispositions towards learning, perseverance and confidence. Nursery prepares children in preparation for the outside world, and their journey into adulthood.

Here are some advantages for you

‘Me’ Time

There are many positive things that nursery can offer, not just for your children. For parents, the task of caring for a preschooler can be quite demanding. It can take up a lot of time, so even if you have to go a few times a week, it can still provide some much needed me-time’. Raising a child is hard work. They are your everything. However, you need space and time to be yourself.

Balance between work and life

Do you want the perfect work/life balance? You can make a start on achieving a happy balance by allowing your child to spend nursery time.

Enjoy More Quality Time Together

Your child staying active and engaged at nursery takes the pressure of being able to create educational, fun, or entertaining activities. With no added pressure, it’s easier to just be together and relax.

Less chores

Playtimes that are messy, toys everywhere, craft time, meal times to clean up after, and toys everywhere – let nursery manage it all! Even if your child does not attend for more than a few minutes each week this will still benefit both of you. It will also make your time together extra special.