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Why Are Swing Tags Important?

Why is it important to have swing tags?

They were initially created to indicate the size and price on products. But they can do so much more.

A swing tag that stands out can be the difference between a buyer buying your product and a competitor’s on the shelves.

Here are 6 reasons why you need personalised swing tags for your products

Make your product packaging standout in a crowded area

Retailers have greater brand options and product variants than ever before to offer customers more choices.

Many retailers will display identical products together to assist customers, sometimes in smaller spaces. This could mean that your product may be next to the product of a competitor.

Swing tags can be attractive and catch the eye of buyers as they shop for products. An eye-catching swing tag design can help you product stand out among the other options on the shelf.

The use of swing tags can help to reinforce credibility and quality

Swing tags are used to reassure customers that they’re buying high-quality products. A swing tag can not only reassure the customer that they have the right size but it can also help to establish your credibility. They can show awards, approval stamps, or verify the product’s authenticity to strengthen the customer’s confidence.

Hang Tags Showcase Why Your Product is The Best

Your tag can quickly reinforce your USP and let customers know why you are better than others. This is an example of a swing tag that reinforces the fact that Fair Trade coffee beans are ethically sourced.

Reinforce your brand identity, values and attributes

Swing tags are a crucial part of branding as they allow you to communicate directly with the buyer. By showing your buyers that you don’t test animals or ethically source ingredients, you can communicate your brand values. It gives customers the assurance that they are investing in a quality brand that is in line with their expectations.

Brand Values Influence Future Purchasing Decisions

It creates a positive impression with the shopper. Even though they may not buy your product this time around, they will recall it later. Your brand’s values will resonate with shoppers and build brand loyalty. It is a smart idea to include social media channels in your product tag. This will allow customers to connect with you.

Your sales will increase

The hang tag is typically the same size and shape as a business card. It can be used to promote your company to customers, or to convey a short message. Tags can also be used to advertise special offers so customers will buy more of your product. You can also advertise limited edition products to encourage customers to purchase now, while stock lasts.

Inform your customers

Hang tags are a great way to convey your product and brand to customers. When a customer narrows down the options, it is one of their first areas to read. They compare the prices of swing tickets and assess the perceived value, benefits and costs of each item before making a purchase.