The Singleton Of Dufftown – The History

The Whisky Boom takes Peter MacKenzie as well as business partner Richard Stackpole to Mortlach from Liverpool to examine a sawmill and also food mill with a point of view to transforming to a distillery.

Along with mill proprietor John Symon along with local solicitor Charles MacPherson the pair type Dufftown Glenlivet Distillery Co. Ltd. and also the transformation of the structure starts – Dufftown’s sixth Distillery is created.

MacKenzie moves to Edinburgh following 2 years of success because of the good quality of spirit distilled from barley supplied by Symon’s farms, as well as the business switches its title to P MacKenzie as well as Co Distillers Ltd. John Mackenzie’s son & George Stodart, a grain merchant as well as spirits broker, replaced Stackpole and Symon on the board.

The water source of the area turns into a situation of contention in the beginning years of the distillery. Water is money with 6 distilleries in a single city. There are many documented incidents of moisture diverted in the evening from Highlandman John’s. The issue is solved by correspondence by the turn of the last 100 years, after a lot of altercations.

The US Prohibition act looks set to scupper yrs of effective trade for MacKenzie’s whisky blending company in the American store.

Dufftown Distillery is bought by Arthur K. after thirteen years of Depression and Prohibition. Bell.

Bell restores complete production of the distillery.

Dufftown is closed conserving barley supplies for the length of the battle.

Dufftown returns to its former manufacturing level and also produces a very good Speyside expressions.

With 2 extra stills doubling the generation, the distillery enlarges.

With a brand new Mashtun, 2 additional stills along with a malt mill, the generation enlarges then by half.

Arthur Bell is taken over by the Guinness PLC.

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