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Introduction to Fireworks

Introduction to Fireworks

Our fireworks are among the most impressive fireworks available on the market manufactured by world-class producers.

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Safety Tips for Fireworks and Tips for Fireworks Safety

Before deciding on your fireworks make sure you follow these steps Consider where you’re going to host the show to begin. Once you’ve decided on your location, take measurements of the area . If there is less than metres, you must only think about Cat 2 firework displays.

It is essential to inspect the area for overhanging tree branches. The shots released from fireworks could hit the branches, causing many avoidable issues. In addition, you should check the area for any other possible hazards i.e sheds greenhouses, fire-proof substances and so on.
Make sure you are prepared for the night.

Be sure to have a sealed metal box to store your fireworks that you purchase. Always keep a bucket of water on hand to cool the sparklers as well as to extinguish any small flames. Protect your eyes and wear gloves for fireworks that ignite should always be worn.

Set up the correct way

Making sure your fireworks are straight is essential. Place the stake between the fireworks and your viewers and tie it securely but not too tightly The tubes will require space to expand.

Be sure to are aware of where the fuse in the event of a fire. If the weather is wet put the fireworks on a dry surface i.e bags for transport. If the weather is wet you must keep your fireworks in a covered area until you’re ready to start the firework. Catherine wheels must be attached securely to a pole however, ensure that the firework can turn. When using rockets, make use of the tube provided by the retailer and set it slightly away from vertical.

The flame is lit

Only the designated person are responsible for setting off fireworks. Set off the fireworks in arms’ length with an open fire or similar.

Make sure you never revisit the firework after it has been set off! Last but not least, place any fireworks that fail to light in the water in a bucket and then leave for a night.