2010 Fixtures

Ey up,

Lords be praised, next year’s fixtures are here. I’ve already set up a page for them on t’right. No match reports yet though, who do you think I am, Dr Who?

From a cursory glance, the highlight is a weekend match against Holland. Here’s hoping it’s in Amsterdam, then the membership can spend Saturday easing the pain of their arthritis in some of the delightful coffee bars before nibbling their way through multiple tubes of Pringles the following day.

Lowlight is yet more evidence the ECB view the English domestic summer as a means to stage baseball when the Tests aren’t on. Hence four Championship games in April, half of them completed by the end of May, and 26 days in June when a maximum of 400 overs will be bowled. Is the sight of David Lloyd trying to recreate It’s a Knockout really worth mucking up the entire summer? If the money’s right, apparently it is…

Si’thee later,

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